Recent years, China has been evolving from “the world’s factory” to one of the most prolific market. However, overseas expansion to China can be tricky due to its distinct cultural taste and governing environment. The lack of a thorough understanding of the social and legal framework will lead to costly mistakes and even failures to U.S. companies when entering the Chinese market. 

Who We Are

  • We are a team of China experts with in-depth understanding of both the U.S. and China market
  • We have extensive experiences in cross-border financing and market expansion
  • We maintain a high-profile network of industry leaders, government officials, cross-border investors, family offices, innovative entrepreneurs, and more
  • We provide services with reasonable price for companies which want to take their first step in Chinese market  


  • Providing brochure and material translation& design service
  • Providing promotion platform and chance to connect for both investors and investees
  • Providing entrepreneurs and companies with international expansion advisory
  • Identifying and introducing potential foreign investors and strategic partners
  • Conducting market research and industry analysis


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